What are the New Requirements of UAE Visit Visa 2024

Explain the New Requirements for a UAE Visit Visa

New Requirements of UAE Visit Visa- The United Arab Emirates published its new visitors visa conditions for visitors. According to the latest visa rules and regulations, there are important compulsory things that addicts have to comply with in order to gain entry. These rules are part of an effort to make long-term visitors to the UAE more accessible and comfortable. To match with the new requirements, visa applicants need to be ready for their related documents in full and also there are some oher points to note before applying for a visa in UAE.

The Latest requirements for a UAE tourist visa are added below:

  • Bank Balance: Applying person must secure a bank balance of 4,000 USD or equivalent in foreign currencies during the last six months.
  • Health Insurance: You have to update a valid health insurance policy applicable in the UAE.
  • Flight Tickets: Applicants have to provide going and returning tickets of UAE
    Additionally, Dubai has introduced stringent entry requirements for visitors on visit visas. Travelers must have   AED 3,000 in cash or credit, a Valid return ticket, and proof of accommodation. This rule checks that visitors have enough funds and a clear plan for their stay in Dubai.

What Are the Current Fees for UAE Visit Visas?

UAE Visit Visa Fees

Visa Type Duration Cost
30-Day Visit Visa 30 Days Dh300
60-Day Visit Visa 60 Days Dh500
90-Day Visit Visa 90 Days Dh700 + 5% VAT

Additional Charges

Additional Charge Cost
Guarantee Amount Dh2,000
Warranty Service Fee Dh20
Collection and Return of Guarantee Dh40

The Documents for getting a UAE Visit Visa

To get  a UAE visit visa, you have to submit the following documents

  1. A Passport Size photo
  2. Passport copy (which must be valid for at least three months)
  3. Insurance for Medical
  4. Bank Statement with 4,000 UAD and six months of account validity
  5. A tour program
  6. A ticket for onward journey
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Remember that the specific requirements may differ based on your nationality and the category of visit visa you’re applying for. Confirm it with the officers or your travel agent for the most up-to-date information. Enjoy your trip to the UAE

To get More Details Visit This Page- Visit Visa Details

Types of UAE Visit Visas?

Here The UAE offers several types of visit visas for different purposes. We have added below some most common ones:

  1. Visa for Tourists: The validity of these visas is 30 days or 90 days, this visa permits you to explore the UAE for enjoyment and tourism purposes.
  2. Transit Visa: If you have a short layover at a UAE airport, you can apply for a 48-hour or 96-hour transit visa.
  3. Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa: This is one of the that allows you the multiple entries within five years
  4. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Residents E-Visa: GCC residents can apply for an e-visa to visit the UAE for multiple purposes.
  5. Visa for Job Sakers: If you’re searching for job opportunities, the UAE allows a four-month job seeker visa called a job seeker visa.
  6. Investor Visit Visa: For those finding business opportunities, there’s a four-month UAE investor visa

Remember that eligibility criteria and validity periods may be different, so you have to check with the exact authorities or travel agent for the latest information. you can check more details and reference the website here- Website Link

What is the Process for Obtaining a UAE Visit Visa?

To get a UAE visit visa, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Application Channel:
    You can apply for a tourist visa through the following channels:
    Airlines: Some UAE-based airlines are offering visa services. there will be Conditions may apply, such as flying with the airline.
    Hotels and Travel Agents: Licensed travel agents and hotels in the UAE can arrange a tourist visa for you. You must purchase the ticket through them and maintain a hotel reservation with the specific hotel.


  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • Tourist visas are for those not eligible for visa on arrival or visa-free entry to the UAE.
  • Females below 18 are generally not able to travel without their parents
  • Children under 18 years who accompany adults can get a free visa for their visit from 15 July to 15 September each year.

Required Documents to Apply for UAE Visit Visa

Document Description
Colored Photo The latest colored Passport-size photo
Copy of Passport A copy of your passport with 6 months validity
Medical Insurance Certificate for medical insurance coverage.
Bank Statement The bank statement for the last 6 months shows a balance of USD 4,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies.
Tour Program Details of your tour program
Ticket for Onward Journey A ticket for your onward journey from the UAE.
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Application Process:

  1. To apply visit visa contact any agents or. hotels
  2. They will apply for the visa on your behalf to the official visa-issuing authorities in the UAE.
  3. We cant define processing time, but it normally takes 48 hours
Here are the Fees for a UAE Visit Visa.

The fees will be varied based on the category of visa. below in a table  discribed some common UAE visit visa fees:

UAE Visa Fees

Visa Type Details Fee (AED)
Tourist Visa – Type 1 (Single Entry) it has 30 days validity, but the applicant cant extend it 250
Tourist Visa – Type 2 (Multiple Entries) It has a validity of 30 days from the date of entry and is not extendable 690
Visit Visa
  • Application fee: 100
  • Issuance fee: 500
  • Electronic services fee: 50
  • Urgent application fee (if requested): 100
  • Total cost: 650
Overstaying Fees If applicants stay after a limited time they have to pay penalties (per day) 50

How to Extend Your Stay on a UAE Tourist Visa?

  • Eligibility for Extension:
    All tourist visas are not able to be extended. but applicants have some choices, you can get details this thing from travel agent trustable officers.
  • you can apply for an extension before expiring your current visa.


  • Overstay Penalties:
  • If you stay in UAE after your visa expires you have to pay some fines. The basic fee is AED 200 per day for the first day of overstay and others will be headed AED 100 per day.


  • Leaving and Re-entering:
  • Some people select to leave the UAE and re-enter on a new tourist visa to extend their stay period. However, this approach has limitations:
  • You’ll have to leave from the current country to another (e.g., travel to a neighboring country) and then return.
  • There is a waiting period. to apply new tourist visa


  • Consult with Authorities or Experts:
  • To explore your options and ensure compliance with UAE regulations, consider reaching out to the General
  • Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or seek advice from a legal or immigration professional.

Can I switch from a tourist visa to another type of visa in the UAE?

  • Multiple Entry 5-Year Tourist Visa: This visa allows tourists to enter the UAE multiple times on self-sponsorship and stay in the country for 90 days on each visit. It can be extended for an additional 90 days. To obtain this visa, you’ll need:
  • Your bank balance will be USD 4,000 within the last six months.
  • Valid health insurance is applicable in the UAE.
  • A ticket to and from the UAE.
  • Hotel Booking proofs


  • Residence Visa: If your idea to live and work in the UAE, you can change your tourist visa to a residence visa. Here’s how:
  • Employment Visa: If you get a job, your employer can provide and sponser your residence visa. You’ll need to provide proof of employment and other necessary documents.
    Investor Visa: If you invest in a business in the UAE, you can apply for an investor visa.
    Family Sponsorship: If you have close family members (such as a spouse or parent) who are UAE residents, they can sponsor your residence visa.Property Ownership: Owning property in the UAE may also qualify you for a residence visa.
  • Visa Change Without Exit: Some organizations or groups may provide services to change your visa type without leaving the country with some specifications. However, this type has some important requirements and guidelines.
What are the New Requirements of UAE Visit Visa 2024
What are the New Requirements of UAE Visit Visa 2024

Essential Requirements for Securing an Employment Visa?

  1. Green Visa:
  2. The Green visa is for skilled employees on self-sponsorship.
  3. Below are the details of the Eligibility
  • One Who Working Online and Self-Employed Individuals:
  • You need to submit:
  • self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • you have to submit the Proof of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Evidence of annual income from self-employment for the previous two years (amounting to not less than AED 360,000) or proof of financial solvency throughout your stay in the UAE.
  • Skilled Employees:
  • To apply for a Green visa, you must: Have a valid employment contract.
  • Be classified in the first, second, or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Qualification you have to minimum with degree.
  • Your monthly Salary Package not be less than AED 15,000.
  • The Green visa is renewable for the same term upon its expiry


  • Standard Work Visa:
  • A foreigner can obtain a normal employment visa (usually valid for two years) if:
  • Employed in the private sector.
  • Employed in the government sector or a free zone.
    Supporting documents typically include:
  • Valid passport (original and copy).
  • Headshot pictures.
  • Emirates ID card.
  • MOHRE entry permit.
  • Medical certificate from the UAE.


  • Other Conditions:
  • Abel to work in the UAE you can hire a company to complete these conditions:
  • You have to complete 18 years.
  • Only a valid licensed company can hire you.
  • The company must not have any violations.
  • The work you do must correspond to the nature of the company hiring you

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