Housekeeping Supervisor at LAH

A full time experienced housekeeping supervisor is needed in Dubai UAE in a consultancy company.


Selected candidates should have a working experience as a housekeeping supervisor in the same field or related for a period of 4 to 5 years.

Ideal applicants should have full knowledge of standard hotel ,different types of chemicals,different types of cleaning machines that are used.

Preferred candidates should have ability to work under pressure either from clients or managers.

Interested applicants should have a good communication skill both verbal and written to be able to ease communication.

Candidates should have a good problem solving skill to be able to solve simple machine problems met during work.

Only Indian, Nepal, Srilankan, Pakistan nationals on visit visa should apply for the vacancy.


Salary ranges to AED 1,800-2,000 with accommodation, uniform, food during duty and transportation.

Apply if interested.

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