Shift Supervisor Job Vacancy in Emarat Oil Company 2024

Shift Supervisor Job Vacancy in Emarat Oil Company 2024-A successful start to a career at Emarat Petroleum Company. It allows students to have a lot of control and experience instability, market, and business sense. Application for this will be granted at the time. Emarat Petroleum Company is a leading company whose products occupy the first positions in the market and specialties. It is intended to provide opportunities for specific responsibilities that create jobs in the company. It has a very strong education with very advanced work experience and operational finance.

Shift Supervisor

To direct and monitor receiving, storing, and moving of petroleum products in the area of operation, ensuring effective stock control, and directing operations, as required, safely and efficiently as per standard operating procedures and in line with EMOIL/EMDAD’s strategic priorities and goal.

Key Accountabilities

Data Analysis:

  • Supports and coordinates planned and unplanned maintenance activities to facilities, equipment, tanks, and road tankers ensuring optimum performance and minimal downtime
  • Checks all Product Delivery Notes (PDNs) and printouts daily for accuracy of information
  • Handles ship receipts, backloading, blending operations, and product transfers in line with standard operating procedures
  • Prepares vehicle statistics for tractors, trailers, and utility vehicles and produces other related statements as required
  • Issues work permits for work carried out by staff and contractors

Health, safety, Environment:

  • Enforces an incident-free environment by implementing a strong safety culture
  • Conducts shift activities as per safety procedures, operational guidelines, EMOIL/EMDAD HSE Policy and guidelines, and in compliance with all the applicable local Authorities regulations to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, and a responsible environmental attitude
  • Supervises operations ensuring proper usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) as per standard operating procedures
  • Reports all accidents/incidents to the Line manager; take an active role in emergency response situations
  • Ensure physical assets are maintained in a safe operating condition to maintain reliable terminal operation while optimizing facility/manpower utilization
  • Prepares and presents to Operations Manager HSE KPI’s for review & Audit purpose
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Technical & Quality Control:

  1. Provides and maintains technical data concerning products and equipment
  2. Checks the quality and integrity of products, equipment, and facilities within industry standards and requests for routine quality inspection checklist audit; follows up accordingly
  3. Performs periodic product quality checks and inspections to maintain product quality as per International Aviation Standards
  4. Reviews re-doping of Additive Stadis 450 during ship receipt and at various stages to maintain Electrical conductivity to MSEP test results.

Stock Management:

  • Verifies all the transaction postings and approval in the Oracle system to maintain stock levels
  • Prepares stock reports and statements for all products handled
  • Conducts periodic quality checks and inspections of product quality in line with product specifications and standards

Stakeholder Management:

  • Establishes and maintains effective relationships terminal staff, drivers, customers, port authorities, agents, and surveyors required to meet EMOIL/EMDAD’s business and operational objectives
  • Works effectively, proactively and with urgency across EMARAT and EMOIL/EMDAD and externally to ensure the delivery of joint services/results that meet EMOIL/EMDAD’s interests, and for knowledge sharing

People Management:

  • Motivates staff and empowers direct reports by providing the necessary tools and support required to support the terminal’s goals and objectives
  • Establishes clear direction, prioritizes tasks, assigns and delegates responsibility, and monitors the workflow of the terminal
  • Builds opportunities for staff to suggest, participate in, and contribute to improvement, innovation, and knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Provides guidance and ensures that the terminal members comply with EMOIL/EMDAD’s policies, processes, practices, and systems
  • Ensures proper target setting and staff performance management in line with EMARAT performance management guidelines
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Qualifications / Requirements

Knowledge: Knowledge of petroleum products and equipment, safety standards

Education: Diploma in a technical discipline


  • A minimum of 4 years experience within a similar role with at least 1 year experience in a supervisory role
  • Experience in the Oil & Gas Distribution Industry preferred.


  1. Team leadership in a multicultural work environment
  2. Goal oriented
  3. IT literate

How are the rules for applying for jobs in Emarat Petroleum Company?

  • Apply by Email: You can apply for Emarat Petroleum Company jobs from the following career website: From there you can also apply through an application form.
  • Application Timing: After applying, you will finally get your application status via email. After that, you can post your application profile and proceed with the application process.
  • Requirements: To apply for such jobs follow the following information to give importance and understanding of
    A request for such information will be sent at the said time. After that, do your best research on the specific opportunities of the application, emphasize and follow up with the following information.

This Job Closed Now


Emarat Petroleum Company’s job application opportunity is highly sought after. It tailors your contracts according to your skills and tastes. Your contract application profile also provides information detailing your skills and capabilities, explaining your contract decisions and recruiting decisions about individuals. It may be a successful thing, but depending on your consistency and effort in an application, it depends on the taste. After this, you are ready to view your application and receive the required information. Depending on the circumstances, your excellence is encountered as ordinary people.

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