How to Renew Indian Passport From UAE 2024

How to Renew Indian Passport From UAE 2024- It is customary for Indian citizens who have come to the UAE from India and are permanent residents of India to renew their passports. It is very important and necessary for those living abroad to renew their passport before it expires. Proper procedures are prescribed for passport renewal from the UAE. Detailed information on how to do this is given below. Please read and understand everything, because many times we need to renew our passports, if you have any doubts about this, you can ask in our comment box, then share the things that are correct with your friends.

How to Renew Indian Passport from UAE Step by Step

  • 1. Submit online application
  • Login to the Passport Seva site:
  • If you are a new user, please register. Log in if you have a Passport Seva account. There you can see the rules to follow while logging in.
  • After login, download the application form. To download, click on the print option or the download option.
    Could you fill out the form and upload it? Don’t forget to scan and upload the required documents. Make sure it is in very clear format while scanning.


  • 2. Apply for Emergency Service (Tatkaal)
    If are looking for urgent passport renewal service, apply for Tatkaal service. If you try this option your passport renewal will be very quick but don’t forget that  Tatkaal service you will have to pay an extra fee than normal service.


  • 3. Pay the application fee
  • Pay online fees. A standard passport with a 10-year validity will cost around 300 dirhams (convertible in Indian rupees). You can pay the amount either online or offline as mentioned earlier
  • Additional fees are also payable for the Tatkaal service.
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  • 4. Appointment from Nominated Centre
    Book the appointment, This service is available from your nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate General of India (CGI). It can be found if you search it on Google and you can go there as well
    Take a print of the appointment slip.


  • 5. Prepare documents
  • First Passport (Original + Copy)
  • Residence Visa (Original + Copy)
  • Appointment slip
  • A recent passport-size photograph (as required)


  • 6. Attend the Embassy or Consulate
  • Reach the Indian Embassy or CGI on time.
  • Bring all necessary original documents and photographs.
  • Enter biometric data (fingerprints) if applicable.


  • 7. Processing time and passport delivery
  • It usually takes 4-6 weeks to produce a new passport. This time may be reduced for the Tatkaal service.
  • When the passport is ready, you will be notified via SMS or email.
  • Bring old passport and get a new passport.
  • This way you can renew your Indian passport from UAE. If all the documents are prepared and brought in the correct manner, this process can be completed easily.


How long does it take to renew a passport in the UAE?

Processing time for passport renewal from the UAE normally takes 4-6 weeks. But, in certain circumstances, this time can be reduced and affected. What we have said here is the time taken in general

  • Normal passport renewal
  • Processing time: 4-6 weeks
  • Emergency Service (Tatkaal)
  • Processing time: 1-2 weeks (extra fee will be charged for express service)
  • When the passport is ready, you will be notified through the Passport Seva portal or via SMS/email. If this time is exceeded, you can contact the Indian Embassy or Consulate.

Ensure timeliness of documents and accuracy of information during passport renewal. This will affect processing time and passport production.

Instructions- At the time of passport renewal, keep some instructions in mind:

Apply on time: Apply as early as possible before the passport expires. It is best to apply 6 months in advance.


Store records: After submitting the online application, take a printout of all the documents. Application forms, fee receipts, and appointment slips are important.
Temporary Passport:

Temporary passport (Tatkaal) service can be used if urgent travel is required during passport renewal.
Contact the Consulate: If the passport renewal is delayed, you may contact the Indian Embassy or Consulate. Let’s try to reduce the processing time with their help.

Ensure the accuracy of information: Ensure that the information entered in the application form is accurate and correct. Incorrect information can affect processing time and passport production. By following these guidelines, you can easily complete your passport renewal process from the UAE. Indian Embassy/Consulate will provide you with all necessary assistance for passport renewal.

How to Renew Indian Passport From UAE 2024
How to Renew Indian Passport From UAE 2024

Can I track my passport application status online?

Yes, you can track your passport application status online. For this, the Passport Seva portal can be used. So no matter where we are in the world, we can know our passport status, how to check it, what it requires, and all the related information clearly, just follow the steps:

  • 1. Login to the Passport Seva portal
  • Go to the Passport Seva site:
  • 2. Login
  • If you are registered online, log in. Do not forget your username and password.
  • For new users, first, register and then log in. It is very easy to register, people who don’t know can go to YouTube
  • and do a search and all the related information is available.
  • 3. Track Application Status
  • After logging in, select the Track Application Status option.
  • Enter the Application Reference Number (ARN) or File Number.
  • Add Date of Birth.
  • Type the Captcha code correctly.
  • Click the Track Status button. Then we can see our passport status
  • 4. Check the status
    You can see information about your application’s current status, processing stage, delivery date, etc.
  • 5. Notifications by Message/Email
    When your passport status is updated, you will receive SMS/email notifications on your registered mobile number or email.
  • 6. More help
  • If you have trouble checking your passport status, contact your nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate.
  • Assistance can also be sought from the helpdesk of Passport Seva Kerala.
  • This way, you can easily track your passport application status online.
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Can someone else pick up my passport on my behalf?

Yes, it is possible to get your passport taken by someone else on your behalf, but it has to meet some mandatory conditions. Follow the steps below: Follow all these rules

  • 1. Authorization Letter
  • Prepare a power of attorney, specifying who is taking your passport on your behalf.
  • Include your signature and the name and signature of the Authorized Person on the Power of Attorney. Your name and address should be clearly stated
  • 2. Identification of passport taker
  • Bring ID Proof of an Authorized Person. For example:
  • Emirates ID
  • Driving license or any other recognized ID.
  • 3. Identity documents of the applicant
    Bring a copy of your (the applicant’s) ID Proof. Normally, a passport or Emirates ID should be carried
  • 4. Appointment Slip
  • You should bring a copy of the Appointment Slip received by you through the Passport Seva Portal. Otherwise, you cannot buy someone else’s passport
  • 5. Old passport
  • If in the process of passport renewal, bring your old passport (Original). Because if you lose your old passport before getting a new passport you may sometimes face some legal trouble.
  • 6. Conditions
  • Follow the requirements of the Indian Embassy or Consulate General of India (CGI). In particular, ask them questions if there are any special requirements.
  • 7. Emergencies
  • In case of emergency, take clear instructions from the Embassy/CGI before preparing this authorization or related documents.

Process- The Authorized Person will deliver all the required documents to the Indian Embassy or Consulate and collect your replacement passport there.
As per the Embassy/Consulate requirements, they will verify the correct documents and hand over the passport to the Authorized Person.

Conclusion- By following these guidelines, your passport can be safely picked up by someone else on your behalf. It is important to bring all the documents correctly.

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